pierce the veil

explore the outer realms of inner consciousness.

reconnect with your core knowing.

rediscover what you already know at a soul level.


Knowing. Healing.

access the unified field of consciousness. ~ the quantum field.

Our minds are our greatest healing resource. In fact, they may be the only ones we need. Deep states of relaxation, trance states, combined with guided visualization, open the door to self healing and then guide you through. In my sessions I also show you how to find that door again whenever you wish.

Guided Access to the Quantum Realm for Answers and Healing

The unified field of consciousness is real.

Within this field exist the answers to all questions, including those related to physical and emotional healing.

Quantum visualization is one simple method to access the unified field of consciousness and is an effective  introduction for those who have not experienced this realm before on their own.

An experienced guide can guide one into the quantum realm in order to journey to past lives, other dimensions, and to communicate with the higher self  for answers to questions and to understand origins of emotional and physical dis-ease and dis-comfort in this lifetime.

This method was first documented in the 1920’s with the thousands of successful sessions conducted by Edgar Cayce, a man of deep Christian faith who read the Bible one time for each year of his life. The Cayce Institute is still exploring these phenomena today, nearly a century later.

Human Consciousness is rapidly expanding, and over time, Edgar Cayce's methods have evolved and have been perfected by other pioneers such as Dolores Cannon and, more recently, Candace Craw-Goldman.

My own extensive exploration into the understanding of consciousness has served to enhance the guided healing sessions I conduct. I am a quantum guide, experienced in several modalities, and I facilitate  connection to guides and to higher self. Once this connection is established, I guide my clients to uncover the origins of  physical and emotional concerns. These can be alleviated within the session, if one so chooses. I serve only as a guide through the process.

Also available within the session are perspective into relationships, understanding of soul purpose, an introduction to guides, soulmates and soul groups and elusive answers to nagging questions. And, really, so much more.

Experiencing the quantum realm for yourself can be life-changing. And, can open the door for a long term self-practice of tapping into the universal truths and healing accessible to all who seek.

Guided Quantum Exploration

Clients are guided into a deep state of relaxation so brainwaves shift into the delta state. This is a common state and happens naturally everyday just before you wake up and just before you fall asleep. When guidance is added during this state, it’s called quantum healing.

While in delta state, one is able to connect with higher realms of consciousness known to hold All That Is. In this realm, the quantum realm, all answers and healing exist. My trained and experienced guidance assists those i work with to experience the answers and healing they seek.

Frequently Asked Questions

Actual Session Highlights

Methods of Quantum Healing

There are several methodologies that allow us to access the Quantum Realm.

Guided exploration "behind the veil" is part of modalities such as Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and Candace Craw-Goldman's Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH).

I am trained and experienced with each of these modalities, as well as other. My own method has evolved into a hybrid and is adapted to best suit each individual's specific needs.

I work both virtually via Zoom as well as in-person in my Leawood Consciousness Studio and on location for group events.

I like to begin with a Water Intention Meditation, a Heart and Mind Coherence Meditation, and an invitation to guides, angels, and higher frequencies to join in the session. 

Akashic Records

One of my spiritual teachers, Linda Howe, explains the Akashic Records as:
A treasury of wisdom, insights, and Truths, accumulated over countless incarnations, inspiring and empowering us to use our human faculties for their highest potential; a dimension of Light; the Records are not an oracle for divination or a deity to be worshiped.

 Often, my clients access the Akashic Records during a session. And, from this experience, I can tell you that the Akashic Records hold everything that has ever been and all potential for the now and for the future across infinite dimensions. They are very real. I know this from the patterns I've seen across many sessions and from my own experiences within the records.

Not every session visits the records. It is often dependent upon the intention set for the session in the beginning. If your desire is to experience the Akashic Records, then you will. Simple as that.

Self-Access to the Quantum Realm for Answers and Healing

All Answers Exist Within

As Rumi once said:
"The only way out is in."      
All answers and healing absolutely and completely exist within the unified field of consciousness,
the Akasha, the Quantum Realm.

This realm is accessed by going within

So, it can thus be said that ALL answers exist WITHIN.
With practice, you can access your own conduit to this realm of knowing.
Everyone can do it.
In fact, everyone was born with the ability, but society encourages us to forget.
The following exercises will assist you in connecting with your higher self, your direct conduit to the unified field of consciousness.

Active Coloring Meditations

active meditation is often overlooked, but a very useful everyday practice. coloring while meditating can help to still and focus the mind.

i have created several collections of coloring pages to serve as tools for active meditation. created while in meditation myself, the drawings are energetically coded to assist in finding the information you seek.

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Guided Meditations

we are each ultimately responsible for our own healing. we were all born with this ability but society has encouraged us to forget.

these short guided meditations will re-introduce you to the act of self-healing. no experience required ;)

Take Me to the Meditations

Light Entrainment Meditations

meditating with illustrations of the light that exists all around us entrains our intention to align with the rhythm of this light. divine truth and healing is passed to us through the light. one must only draw intention to the light to experience expanded consciousness. no experience or further understanding necessary ;-)

Light Entrainment Videos


This reality is not the only reality and you are not just this body. You are a being of light and as you start realizing this more and more the world around you will change.

begin the guided journey

Light Is The Thing

Light Is The Thing cartoons are whimsical, light-hearted, illustrations of intricate concepts that may be difficult to grasp, but critical to understand for optimal well-being.

The drawings are designed to be conversation starters and tools for intelligent discussion. They are guides on the path of discovery.

Each cartoon is loaded with symbolism and metaphor.

Conversation Guides are available for download.

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