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Expanding Consciousness

Simple, easy-to-follow tools for those who are waking up. Roadmaps to awakening.

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"Pondering: Multi-Dimensionality"


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Help the Universe by Helping Yourself...

"The Consciousness Project"


Become one of the 111 Founding Members and secure your place within this powerful initiative!

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beyond the veil of consciousness

explore the outer realms of inner consciousness.

reconnect with your core knowing.

rediscover what you already know at at the deepest levels.

create the reality you desire.

connect with this life's purpose.

"There's an imaginary wall between you and the wisdom which allows you to achieve optimum health, maximum joy, and plentiful abundance. Some may disagree, but have likely never peered beyond it themselves... they do not know what they have not experienced. From my own experience, I can tell you there's much obscured by this wall, sometimes known as "the veil'. Let's explore together...."

Jani Bryson
Quantum Consciousness Guide

my gifts to assist you break through

Journey to Manifesting: Guided Visualizations for Abundant Living

Are you ready to unlock the limitless power within yourself? Imagine being able to access higher states of consciousness, where answers, guidance, and profound insights await you, ready to manifest perfect health, enriching relationships, and the abundant resources needed to live a life of joy and purpose.

create your reality

Leverage Altered States of Consciousness with my Quantum Coloring Pages

Intuitively created coloring pages serve as gateways to profound insights and guidance from your own inner wisdom. With Quantum Coloring Pages™, you will tap into altered states of consciousness, transcending the ordinary and connecting with the extraordinary.

access higher consciousness

The Awakening Hour: Expanding Consciousness for Unlimited Potential

Do you yearn for a deeper understanding of the universe and your place within it? Do you want to unlock the secrets of manifesting perfect health, enriching relationships, and a life filled with unbridled joy and purpose?

This podcast transcends the boundaries of conventional knowledge. Together, we will explore the infinite power that lies within us all, and leverage it to create a healthy life of purpose, joy, and abundance.

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...join the experiential journey and begin manifesting with intention today....

Now available on Apple and Spotify within the Experience Expanding Consciousness Podcast is a series called "Ponderings" for thought, if you will....considerations that will allow consciousness to press out and expand beyond its current limited state of understanding for experiences of personal empowerment...


"I guide people into elevated states of consciousness for the purpose of a better, happier, healthier life. Elevated states of consciousness are the keys to unlocking the quantum realm and all that it holds, including answers to personal difficulties and all types of healing -- physical, emotional, and spiritual. This is the realm of the shaman...and once you've experienced it for yourself, you see the potential. And, you begin to learn how to manifest from it. You learn how to create your own reality so that it matches your desire and your purpose. Manifesting becomes second nature when you understand the quantum realm."

Jani Bryson
Quantum Consciousness Guide

Healing. Knowing. Creating.

for those who seek.

The unified field of consciousness is real.

Some may call it the zero point field, the field, the quantum vaccuum, the akasha, the Holy Spirit, or one of many other names.

Experience within this realm, or rather awareness while within this realm, is available to everyone. In fact, we weave our way in and out of this realm every day on a subconscious level. And yet, because the path has been obscured for eons, few have ever experienced it consciously.

But, as you may be noticing,  things are changing. Some refer to this as a shift, others refer to it as an awakening, while still others call this the time of the "New Earth". I prefer to refer to it as a global elevation in consciousness because it is clear that consciousness as a whole is expanding rapidly at this time. And, this is for the greatest good of all.

While consciousness across the board expands, access to the quantum realm is becoming more accessible every day. Some will choose to actively experience it now, others will choose to wait. We all have choices. 

But, once you exercise your birth-rite and choose to experience "all that is" within this invisible realm, your life begins to change for the better. And, this is meant to be, sooner or later, for all of us. 

This unified field of consciousness, the quantum realm, is accessed through higher planes of consciousness.

Many people today are now accessing this treasure trove of answers and manifestation through deep transcendental meditation. Learning to meditate in this fashion takes time and diligent practice. It is not for the faint of heart.

Other ways to access these expanded states of consciousness are through guided meditations, light entrainment, and quantum coloring, all found here on this site. I've created each of these while in a higher octave of consciousness myself, and I offer them to you now as my gift. 

To jump start your experience, the quantum realm can also be accessed, during a private session, with the assistance of an experienced quantum guide. Many are choosing this route to the quantum realm for the first time because it's easier and can hasten the personal growth process. And, once you've experienced expanded states of consciousness and know what they feel like, it's easier to return on your own through meditation.

experience it for yourself

5 Reasons to Explore and Expand Consciousness

  1. To find answers
  2. To heal emotionally, physically, or spiritually
  3. Because ALL manifesting first begins in the lighter densities of consciousness.
  4. Once we access the Quantum Realm for the first time, we anchor the feeling and it gets easier to access again and again as we create the reality we desire.
  5. A quantum session can kickstart higher states of consciousness within meditations.
Safe, Comfortable Guided Journeys Leaving Daily
▪ Experience empowerment
  like never before.
▪ Go within.
▪ Manifest within the quantum realm.
a longer journey for those who are ready

The Awakening Hour: Expanding Consciousness for Unlimited Potential

Podcast now available on Apple, Google, Spotify, and your favorite feed. Also, available here:

Listen to a Live Quantum Journey

Now available within the Awakening Hour Podcast is a series in which my client, LA, reflects on his quantum journeying experiences with me as his guide. He discusses why he decided to try the QHHT method of exploring beyond the veil with me, how he felt during the experience, and the illumination he's received. Clips from his actual sessions are included for deeper understanding of the Quantum Journeying Experience™. Listen now to Episode 4:


Awareness while Within

Access the Quantum Realm for Answers and Healing

Within this field exist the answers to all questions, including those related to physical and emotional healing.

Quantum visualization is one simple method to access the unified field of consciousness and is an effective  introduction for those who have not experienced this realm before on their own.

An experienced guide can guide one into the quantum realm in order to journey to past lives, other dimensions, and to communicate with the higher self  for answers to questions and to understand origins of emotional and physical dis-ease and dis-comfort in this lifetime.

This method was first documented in the 1920’s with the thousands of successful sessions conducted by Edgar Cayce, a man of deep Christian faith who read the Bible one time for each year of his life. The Cayce Institute is still exploring these phenomena today, nearly a century later.

Human Consciousness is rapidly expanding, and over time, Edgar Cayce's methods have evolved and have been perfected by other pioneers such as Dolores Cannon and, more recently, Candace Craw-Goldman.

My own extensive exploration into the understanding of consciousness has served to enhance the guided quantum sessions I conduct. I am a quantum guide, experienced in several modalities, and I facilitate  connection to guides and to higher self through expanded states of consciousness. Once this connection is established, I guide my clients to uncover the origins of current physical and emotional concerns. These can be alleviated within the session, if one so chooses. I serve only as a guide through the process.

Also available within the session are perspective into relationships, understanding of soul purpose, an introduction to guides, soulmates and soul groups and elusive answers to nagging questions. And, really, so much more.

Experiencing the quantum realm for yourself can be life-changing. And, can open the door for a long term self-practice of tapping into the universal truths and healing accessible to all who seek.

Guided Experience within the Quantum Realm

a way to begin

Explore the Quantum Realm for the first time with me as your guide for a sublime experience that will change your perspective and your life. 

 For continued benefit, I'll show you how to return to these higher states of consciousness anytime you wish for answers and healing.

Explore the Quantum Realm

Guided Quantum Exploration

Clients are guided into a deep state of relaxation so brainwaves shift into the delta state. This is a common state and happens naturally everyday just before you wake up and just before you fall asleep. When guidance is added during this state, it’s called quantum healing.

While in delta state, one is able to connect with higher realms of consciousness known to hold All That Is. In this realm, the quantum realm, all answers and healing exist. My trained and experienced guidance assists those i work with to experience the answers and healing they seek.

Actual Session Highlights

Methods of Quantum Healing

There are several methodologies that allow us to access the Quantum Realm.

Guided exploration "behind the veil" is part of modalities such as Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and Candace Craw-Goldman's Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH).

I am trained and experienced with each of these modalities, as well as others. My own method has evolved into a hybrid and is adapted to best suit each individual's specific needs.

I work both virtually via Zoom as well as in-person in my Leawood Consciousness Studio and on location for group events.

I often begin with a Water Intention Meditation, a Heart and Mind Coherence Meditation, and an invitation to guides, angels, and higher frequencies to join in the session. 

Group Sessions

Quantum Journeying Experience

The Quantum Journeying Experience™ is like none other, in that it is a guided journey beyond the veil. A learning expedition through the lighter planes of consciousness, taken with me by your side for guidance, assurance, and support. I am a quantum guide, and together with my higher self and all of my guides, we assist others to explore elevated planes of consciousness for understanding, manifesting, and healing…physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

In these sessions, I begin to move into  lighter planes of consciousness during the induction phase so that I may draw you to those states as well. Then, together we begin the exploration. I’m by your side all the while in these elevated realms.

for those who are called

Self-Access to the Quantum Realm

All Answers Exist Within the Quantum Realm, the Unified Field

As Rumi once said:
"The only way out is in."      
All answers and healing absolutely and completely exist within the unified field of consciousness,
the Akasha, the Quantum Realm.

This realm is accessed by going within

So, it can thus be said that ALL answers exist WITHIN.
With practice, you can access your own conduit to this realm of knowing.
Everyone can do it.
In fact, everyone was born with the ability, but society encourages us to forget.
The following exercises will assist you in connecting with your higher self, your direct conduit to the unified field of consciousness.

Quantum Coloring Pages: Portals to Manifestation and Transformation

Through meticulously crafted coloring pages, specifically designed to evoke altered states of consciousness, you will unlock the hidden reservoirs of your intuition, creativity, and manifestation powers. As you immerse yourself in the meditative act of coloring, the mind calms, the body relaxes, and a sacred space is created within you. In this state, the veils between worlds thin, enabling you to receive profound answers, guidance, and inspiration for your journey.

i have created several collections of coloring pages to serve as tools for active meditation. created while in meditation myself, the drawings are energetically coded to assist in finding the information you seek.

Learn More

Journey to Manifesting: Guided Visualizations for Abundant Living

It's time to unlock the extraordinary power that lies within you.

Allow me to take you on an extraordinary inner journey, guiding you through a series of immersive visualizations specifically designed to help you access altered states of consciousness and tap into the wellspring of wisdom within.

Take Me to the Visualizations

Enlightened Frequencies: Receiving Wisdom through the Language of Light

meditating with illustrations of the light that exists all around us entrains our intention to align with the rhythm of this light. divine truth and healing is passed to us through the light. one must only draw intention to the light to experience expanded consciousness. no experience or further understanding necessary ;-)

Light Entrainment Videos


This reality is not the only reality and you are not just this body. You are a being of light and as you start realizing this more and more the world around you will change.

begin the guided journey

Light Is The Thing

Light Is The Thing cartoons are whimsical, light-hearted, illustrations of intricate concepts that may be difficult to grasp, but critical to understand for optimal well-being.

The drawings are designed to be conversation starters and tools for intelligent discussion. They are guides on the path of discovery.

Each cartoon is loaded with symbolism and metaphor.

Conversation Guides are available for download.

View Collection

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