i'm an artist, and i've been a storyteller most of my life.

recently, i’ve been calling myself a storyfinder: a finder of lost and hidden stories.

in my line of work, as a quantum guide, we assist in uncovering stories — priceless stories — from memories that have been forgotten.

i often help people reconnect with stories that they never consciously knew they had…because the stories are from long ago. from previous lifetimes...and sometimes, because we are all multi-dimensional beings, these stories are from other relevant dimensions.

the stories are not for me.
the stories belong to the people i work with.
we uncover them because they are priceless.
often they are the missing keys to healing. both physically and emotionally.

i’m able to assist in finding the stories by guiding my clients into a deep state of relaxation so brainwaves shift into the delta state. this is a common state and happens naturally everyday just before waking and just before falling asleep. when guidance is added during this state, it’s called hypnotic healing and i practice it both for myself and for others.

while in delta state, one is able to connect with higher realms of consciousness known to hold All That Is. in this realm, the quantum realm, answers and healing exist. my guidance assists those i work with to extract it, so to speak.

i know these higher realms of consciousness. i've seen them myself many times, and i witness others consciously experiencing them for the first time in the Quantum healing sessions i guide.

it's through these higher realms of consciousness that i have been called to develop ways to help others experience these helpful realms at will. and, it's due to this calling that i've created tools to do so:

i first received this calling as a child, but it stayed latent until almost two decades ago. that's when i first connected with the energy of stones while walking the shoreline of the Irish Sea in Aberystwyth, Wales.

i built on that for about a decade before another significant occurrence in Yosemite caused me to awaken to the significance of light.

this photo is that very moment in Yosemite that i understood the divine significance of light. that very moment. and, it is a self-portrait taken just after midnight. i had climbed to the top of this summit with a photography guide, who, in retrospect, was more significantly an amazing spiritual guide. it's the moon you see in the far right. perhaps you can feel the energy of this moment in the photo.

if you are curious, and would like to awaken to the significance of light, you may wish to explore my Light Entrainment™ meditations, here.

since my surprise awakening to the knowing of light, the trajectory of my journey has shifted to expanded consciousness and exploring the quantum realm. as a visual storyteller, i tend to photograph everything. and i mean everything.

so, unbeknownst to me, i've been visually documenting my journey through consciousness with interesting photos.
all along, i've been subconsciously preparing to share this process with others.
it's all been really quite synchronistic in retrospect.


i've learned that everyone is on a similar journey of expanded consciousness right now, but in their own order and on their own time, with their own unique synchronicities.

the path is different for each, but the checkpoints are fairly universal.
the best way i can describe a checkpoint is 'a nugget of understanding".
the checkpoints are designed to ease you forward into full, unwavering, understanding of Truth…of All That Is.

and, there must be time to assimilate these nuggets between checkpoints.  
it’s not possible to come into full understanding in the blink of an eye, nor at a weekend retreat.

you can’t skip to the end.
rather, you must visit each checkpoint along the way,
on a path that is individually designed just for you. 

your unique path reflects your history, your influences, and your current ideas.  
this is your custom path. and it is divinely designed.  
just for you.

my purpose is to share an understanding of these checkpoints, and my intention is to ease your own journey with understandable guidance drawn from my own connections of learning and growth.

i'm an energy intuitive who practices mastering her energy daily. studying and practicing, practicing and studying.

some of my main tools of assistance are quantum healing modalities such as QHHT, BQH, and BLE. i also access the Akashic Records and create art using various mediums to share coded energies of love, understanding, and healing that are channeled through me.

as an artist, i illustrate in a meditative state. many of my drawings are available as Quantum Coloring™ Pages and the Light Is The Thing™ series of illustrations, and contain quantum healing in the vibratory qualities of the lines.

my passion for the last several years has been illustrating light and the mystical found in everyday surroundings. i am able to photograph the energy of things, most notably crystals and stones. i teach small workshops based on using iphone (or android) photography as a means to stay mindful and to connect with source.   ;-)

the trajectory of my own journey at this time is one of expanded consciousness and exploring the quantum realm.

i wake up each morning excited to share with others and offer guidance as requested. 🤍

i asked for a sign and this is what i received:


the energy of Amethyst:


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