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"The Only Way Out is In" ~ Rumi

All That Is exists in the Unified Field of consciousness, sometimes referred to as the Quantum Realm. It is here that all truth lives and healing begins.

So how does one get there?

There are many ways to experience the Unified Field of Consciousness. The most common is to enlist the assistance of a guide who may use such modalities as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) or Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). But, there are also many ways to get to this place of knowing without a guide. One way is through the active meditation of coloring, particularly if the pages to be colored originated in the Quantum Realm.

Coloring allows you to actively enter the Alpha brainwave state where you can communicate with your subconscious.

These Quantum Coloring Pages™ will guide you into a higher state of consciousness where the information you seek is accessible.

Through my own journey into the Quantum Realm, I have been guided to provide you with the optimum shapes and sequences to color, with emphasis on vibratory qualities of the lines.

just color.




The average human filters out almost three million bits of information per day. Sifting through the bulk to find the few nuggets that resonate with them. Often, looking for answers within the chaff.

Ironically, every answer lies within the subconscious. By silencing the outside noise, one is able to access these answers. The answers that lie within.

The coloring meditations found here can be used as tools to go within for your answers. There is nothing to know, no special method. Just begin coloring. Color what feels right in the way that feels right to you at that particular moment. That is all.

These will provide benefit for both the novice and the master at meditation. The process here is very simple: just color.

The artist, Jani Bryson, has been guided in the creation of each visual meditation so that it will bring most benefit to those who use it. Brought into existence at a higher octave, each line is actually multiple lines vibrating in resonance with the higher octave of creation.

There exists energy in the spaces and in the lines. There is nothing you must do to benefit from this energy but be in the knowing of it’s existence. Acknowledge it. And color. That’s it..


collection #1

"The Records"
become familiar with the energy of the Akashic Records, sometimes referred to as The Book of Life.

collection #2

"Sacred Geometry"
Ancient wisdom is subconsciously passed through the generations via codes that can be found in the shapes and numbers all around us. We refer to some of this information as "instinct".

collection #3

Take a ride through your imagination to experience fantasy, enchantment, story, happiness, joy, and  being carefree

collection #4

animals, guides, healing masters, truth, simplicity, knowing

collection #5

age-old wisdom, grounding, truth, simplicity, knowing, comfort, timelessness

collection #6

"Within the Heart"
feelings ~ emotions ~ memories

collection #7

"Hidden Within"
exploration, unpacking, intuition, zeroing in

collection #8

fire ~ earth ~ air ~ water ~ aether

collection #9

"Grounded in the Light"
synchronicity ~ intuition ~ energy ~ healing ~ connection ~ understanding ~ knowing

collection #10

"Building Blocks"
solutions ~ ideas ~ foundations ~ grounded ~ confidence

collection #11

360 degrees, birdseye view, macro / micro, all-knowing, wisdom, remote viewing

collection #12

"Symbols and Codes"
self-realization ~ deeper meaning ~ joy ~ connection ~ wisdom ~ spirit ~ answers ~ truth ~ what is ~ instructions

collection #13

"Health and Healing"
Physical Body ~ Emotional ~ Body ~ Spiritual Body ~ Cells ~ Blood ~ DNA ~ Organs ~ Systems ~ Silver Cord


Everyone’s journey is different. Choose the pace that's right for you.

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