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Guided Meditations

we are each ultimately responsible for our own healing. we were all born with this ability but society has encouraged us to forget.

these short guided meditations will re-introduce you to the act of self-healing. no experience required ;)

Guided Visualization: Healing River

This is the video edition of an episode from the Experience Expanding Consciousness podcast: an introduction to guided visualization techniques for healing and energy alignment. The positive effects of this visualization are cumulative the more times you practice it.


For more Guided Visualizations:

Light Healing Meditation

an introduction to healing with daylight. only eleven minutes, this meditation can be done daily. the effects over time are not only cumulative but multiply exponentially, so the more often you do this, the better it gets.


Heal Yourself with Mary's Love

during one of my own QHHT sessions, i met a healing energy named Mary. she assisted me to heal an ailment i had at the time, and also encouraged me to introduce others to her healing energy. she guided me in creating this meditation. it started to rain just as i began to record, so i opened the door and allowed the ambient rain sounds to enhance the meditation.


Sample Quantum Healing Meditation

A 14 minute visualization meditation exercise to introduce you to Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Beyond Quantum healing. A light example designed to keep you in lighter levels of trance than in-person sessions.


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