Quantum Journeying Experience

Health and Abundance are already yours...


Answers and Healing Await...

This experience is for those who know there is something more and are called to explore.

The Quantum Journeying Experience™ is like none other, in that it is an on-going guided journey beyond the veil. A continued learning expedition through the lighter planes of consciousness, taken with me by your side for guidance, assurance, and support. I am a quantum guide, and together with my higher self and all of my guides, we assist others to explore elevated planes of consciousness for understanding, manifesting, and healing…physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

In these sessions, I begin to move into  lighter planes of consciousness during the induction phase so that I may draw you to those states as well. Then, together we begin the extraordinary exploration. I’m by your side all the while as we glide throughout the lighter densities of consciousness, aka the higher dimensions.

Expansion begins with the very first session as one is prepared for the multi-session journey. This expansion is cumulative through successive sessions. Significant effects are usually experienced after the first session and often one receives latent "downloads" that are neatly stowed away in zipped-up packets of knowing, laying dormant until the time is right. Because the growth is cumulative, session to session, much can unfold with continued journeying – much  like the plot of a binge-worthy series.  I recommend monthly or semi-monthly sessions for this reason.


Quantum Journeying Experience

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healing. aligning. understanding. knowing. manifesting.

perfect health, abundance, and joyful life are already yours. all you must do is claim them. these sessions guide you through the process of healing and aligning so that you are prepared for the understanding and the knowing which then lead you to the manifesting--which is claiming what you desire.

we each create our own reality. that becomes apparent and accessible in the higher realms of consciousness. allow me to guide you there so that you may claim what is already yours.


What you'll get:

  • A full Itinerary: Six guided sessions through elevated planes of consciousness and the "higher: dimensions
  • Planning the Trip: Initial Interview for understanding of intentions
  • Gathering Supplies:  The first session is typically a multi-dimensional assessment of what growth and learning is required for the journey.
  • Setting the GPS: Prior to each session, we have an in-depth discussion of previous sessions, current growth and trajectory, as well as any significant synchronicities and occurrences since our last session. This helps us to formulate the current session goal.
  • Heading Out: continued sessions build-on each other as new experiences are like stops on our tour.
  • Souvenirs: Each Session is recorded and the frequencies present during the session are captured as well as the audio record of your experience. Listening back to sessions often is recommended as the healing and growth continues through the recordings.
  • Post-Tour Reflection: Reflection after each session includes a discussion of symbols and continuation of "plot", as well as ideas and suggestions for further exploration between sessions.



Quantum Journeying Experience

your  journey begins today with the first step...

Quantum Journeying Experience